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Sushi Bar

For 20 years now, its glitzy Sushi Bar has been the hub of Ginger Restaurant. Two Japanese chefs work at the center of the circular wooden counter with its sensual lighting. Watching them and their effortless movements is sensually pleasing and inspiring. The freshly prepared delicacies are continuously presented on a silent Sushi belt so that guests may decide for themselves what they feel like having. Quietly and contemplatively, guests can take a close look at the dishes before choosing. You can eat alone here in comfort, without being disturbed and feeling welcome. Thanks to the cleaver seating arrangement, however, two will also have sufficient space and quiet for an undisturbed conversation.


A la Carte

The back of the restaurant is home to the à la carte area where warm Japanese meals are served for lunch and dinner. Premium service that knows no compromise is a tradition here – one that many regulars appreciate just as much as the small but fascinating menu. It is here that innovative specialties from all regions of Japan are prepared with ease and passion. The variety of Japanese gastronomy is part of the poetry – in the heart of Zurich.



Ethically unequivocal quality of the products we serve in our restaurant is vitally important to us. Thats the reason why we strictly use fish from partners which guruantee certified fishing methods. We get our meat mainly form Swiss firms and we go whenevere possible for seasonal vegetebales.


Dinner (PDF)

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Sake Bar

Fascinated by the diversity of Japanese gastronomy, in addition to puristic Ginger, we decided to present a further intriguing aspect of this captivating country – its authentic and original side.

The traditional mood and select materials make the Sake Bar a center of Far Eastern joie de vivre – seductive but discreet nonetheless; lighthearted and stylish.

Sake – the strong rice wine is served by the glass or in pretty bottles. The choice is huge – you might want to prepare for a long evening and allowing your mind to wander and your heart to be warmed. If you prefer, we also serve beer, wine, or Japanese cocktails.

Satiate not only your spiritual appetite but also satisfy your hunger, you can choose from the entire Ginger menu.


Small izakaya-style appetizers, hot dishes from the restaurant menu, and cold sushi bar treats are served for a small and larger appetite during aperitif or late hour.


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Our Sake Bar is now also a small store with curated manufactured products from Japan, as well as souvenirs made especially for Ginger.

With GINGER we want to be more than just a restaurant.

More than a solid address for lovers of Japanese cuisine. But also a specialized world of experience for all those who like to immerse themselves in Japanese culture.




Japanese cuisine makes do with hardly any spices - and just as few words suffice to describe its fascination, i.e. fresh, sexy, delicious.

This culinary culture, reduced to the essential, is just as passionately understated as it is sublimely impeccable and has impressed us for years. We have learnt that Japan is much, much more than just Sushi and Sashimi.

The Japanese often close their eyes when choosing ingredients. First, they inhale the fragrance – of the sea, the earth, the grass. Fresh is never fresher than it is in Japan. Japanese chefs worship fresh vegetables, allow them to dance in their hands. They steam fish and grill meat, tenderly and respectfully. They accentuate their creations with crispy shoots, dried seaweed, or aromatic roots and round off dishes with wholesome rice. The original taste of every ingredient is as holy to them as the ritual according to which the ingredient is used to prepare the meal.

The result? Outstanding in taste, healthy, and contemporary.