Japanese cuisine makes do with hardly any spices - and just as few words suffice to describe its fascination, i.e. fresh, sexy, delicious.

This culinary culture, reduced to the essential, is just as passionately understated as it is sublimely impeccable and has impressed us for years. We have learnt that Japan is much, much more than just Sushi and Sashimi.

The Japanese often close their eyes when choosing ingredients. First, they inhale the fragrance – of the sea, the earth, the grass. Fresh is never fresher than it is in Japan. Japanese chefs worship fresh vegetables, allow them to dance in their hands. They steam fish and grill meat, tenderly and respectfully. They accentuate their creations with crispy shoots, dried seaweed, or aromatic roots and round off dishes with wholesome rice. The original taste of every ingredient is as holy to them as the ritual according to which the ingredient is used to prepare the meal.

The result? Outstanding in taste, healthy, and contemporary.